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Permanent Residence

Anthony Sosa Law Office

Lawful permanent residence also known as having a “green card” can be obtained through a family relationship such as marriage to a U.S. citizen, adoption, fiancé visa, employment based visas, a qualifying family relationship with a lawful permanent resident, or adjustment from another visa category.

If you are in the United States, you may be able to adjust your immigration status to lawful permanent resident without having to return to your home country if you first entered the United States with a valid visa and are now married to a U.S. citizen. You may also be able to adjust your status if you are a Refugee, Asylee, or victim of domestic violence with an approved VAWA petition.

The Anthony Sosa Law Office can assist you with providing an in depth evaluation of your current immigration status and provide assistance to help you achieve your goal of becoming a permanent resident. We can also assist with:

  • Consular processing if you are required to return to your home country to process through the local U.S. Embassy or consulate;
  • Renewing or replacing a green card; and
  • Removing conditions on lawful permanent residency if your marriage has ended in divorce, annulment or death of your spouse. You may be also able to remove conditions if you have been the victim of domestic violence or extreme cruelty.

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